Upminster finished months ago been rubbish at updating! But worth the wait..........

Pete Morley from The Plastering Co prepares the pond with beaded edges, mesh for strength and render aid as a scratch coat.
Once Pete has finished with a rubbed up top coat, 4 coats of G4 Bonda glass pond sealer is applied. 
Pond is now ready for the for water, lighting, pump, plants and fish  

Oak raised sleepers and retaining wall ready for planting- left. Below- pond construction has started with a shelf at each end for marginal planting and lights, the pond will be rendered and sealed with G4 pond sealer.

Upminster continues.   Jenny our designer has designed a new area with raised sleeper veg beds.We have started to build these in Green French Oak planed with a chamfered edge.
Retaining wall ready to be filled with soil and compost for a laurel hedge to be planted.
 Hand made Green oak pergola
 height and structure to a garden
 also beautiful as an arch for growing
 climbers up.

Recycling our own soil on site is not only cost effective for the client but proves our commitment to the environment by reducing our
carbon foot print, fewer lorries for delivery and collection. Currently at Upminster we have recycled about 30 ton.

progress from today at Upminster 

Progress at Upminster is fast, removal of rear trees has allowed plans for a raised bed veg area. Wait and see!


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