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Front Drive and Walling


Resin bound gravel

Recently we have been trained in laying resin bound gravel surfacing the look and benefits are fantastic!

Resin bound and bonded gravel surfaces are low maintenance, highly durable and the range of colours makes them suitable for any property and taste, it is ideal for domestic and commercial use and doesn't suffer from the drawbacks of traditional surfaces of block pavers, impressed concrete, tarmac and loose gravel.

        The benefits:

No weeds, No puddles, No loose gravel, No gravel loss       
No subsidence, Ultra low maintenance, Available in a huge range of colours, Extremely hard wearing and durable, Highly slip resistant, Resistant to oil and chemicals.
Resin bound surfaces are porous. 

Our aim is to provide homeowners an stylish alternative to the traditional surfaces in use for decades. We can not only provide a functional new patio or driveway, but blend it into the garden.
We strive to take our service beyond what you would expect from a driveway or paving contractor. A …

Bornes Green School


Tree House

Tree House......
For the kids or the dads I'll let you decide!

Sometimes I get asked to build bespoke structures. These can be large or small, for young or older kids. They can be high or low, may be a slide for the under 10's or a plasma! for the over 10's.

A great play area or just somewhere for the kids to hang out in the safety of your own garden.

Going the extra mile

Sometimes things don't always go to plan. But we bend over backwards to make sure you get what you want!

Occasionally, that means going underground for a while...


We often get asked to throw together something nice in wood. Here's some of our stuff.

Changing the world - one garden at a time

The really great thing about gardens is that they can be anything you want them to be. When we were asked to transform this dull looking estate garden, we felt it needed to reflect the personality of it's owner. After talking to Andy and Dawn, it was clear they were free spirits but with a love for co-ordination. So we worked on a layout that allowed for organic flowing lines that created organised spaces for different visual areas.

Over the next few days we stripped back the remaining foliage and set about building a raised bed on the left hand side. To cope with the slope away from the house, we added a step down to the next space.

By adding the big curve in the bed, we broke up the viewing angles from Andy and Dawn's kitchen ensuring some of the space would always remain hidden, inviting them in to the space and discover the progress of their planting.

On the right of the garden, we continued the lines of the raised bed with granite sets that fork on the return allowing for…